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Grow in The Age of Digital Transformation.
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We provide multiple digital solutions to help you grow and manage your business effectively.


Regardless of the customer touchpoints, a unique customer experience (CX) is what...


Customer Relationship Management is the most crucial aspect of any company...

Digital Experience

With the digitalization of businesses through advances in technology, it is more than...


Our know-how extends to multiple fields, combining creativity and resilience.

Streamlining your business processes smartly!
Technology is the core for optimizing information and enabling organizations to access and make the most of that information to reach their respective goals. That’s where Extratik jumps in. Through our IT services, we streamline your business processes and make the information flow flawless. Extratik can impact your business structure, creating solutions that can be the game changer and digitally transform your brand presence.

True valuing healthcare!
In the world of healthcare, we are constantly moving forward to build strong healthcare platforms, whether digitally or physically. Extratik is achieving milestones in the industry of healthcare. From building doctors' communities, and medical apps to providing remote consultation facilities to patients from all around the world. We provide healthcare/medical digital content, interactive health portals, fitness apps, and healthcare machines.

Bringing everyone closer than ever!
Extratik structured communication mediums with state-of-the-art technology using excellent professionalism and experience. We have teams integrated with individuals who endeavor to build communication systems that work without any kind of interruptions. By providing services in network and computing, we have accomplished our goals of giving businesses proper communication infrastructure through a private network, colocation, and cloud services.

Treat and beautify your skin!
As one of the pioneers in the healthcare industry, we introduced medical cosmetics that have truly changed the perception of beauty. From serums and shampoos to skin moisturizers to skin rejuvenation creams, we truly care for what people require and deserve in the name of beauty and skin treatment!


Alone we go fast. With a partner, we go far!


Zoho has been our partner for several years. It contributed highly to our growth and success with its multiple tools and solutions that helped us manage our projects effectively.


Extratik has a collaboration with Teramind to make your experience with us better. Teramind being one of the most thriving industries in the field of user behavior analysis, provides our customers with the protection and productivity they need for their business. We understand how data loss, threat detection, and employee monitoring are important to our customer’s business workflow; that's why we collaborated with Teramind.

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